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Susan Jane Bodell has had a diversified professional career holding various positions in many corporations within industries such as banking, insurance, finance, education and aviation.

While working full time, Susan attended evening college for ten years, earning dual degrees in computer science and accounting.  On completion of her degrees, together with her husband, G. Hugh Bodell, she founded a consulting firm specializing in technology based solutions to processing and security issues in the financial services industry, servicing the largest financial organizations in the world, including, Barclays Bank, J.P. Morgan & Co., Citicorp, Merrill Lynch & Co., Credit Suisse, Prudential, Standard & Poor's and ING Barings.

Susan spent more than fifteen years in this enterprise then in 2000 she left the firm for the exciting world of media, effectively marketing herself as an actress, model and public speaker.

The transition from a technology professional to media professional was challenging to say the least, however, true to her positive attitude, tenacity and determination, over the last thirteen years Susan has experienced numerous modeling, acting, and public speaking successes (For details go to

Throughout her life, she has striven to challenge herself to be a better person, to overcome difficulties with a positive spirit, look for role models that inspire her and to always “Look For The Hook” and live each day to its’ fullest.  This attitude and the desire of others to 'tap into’ this positive mental set led Susan into the field of Life Coaching.  Susan’s life experience and concentration on optimism provides her with a unique perspective to focus on effecting change in the current and future behavior of those seeking her support.

In 2008 Susan decided to share her experience of the power of positive attitude.  Summing up her goal in her own words, “I have encountered many positive souls throughout my life who have inspired me, encouraged me and motivated me to be all that I can be.  My hope is to share the lessons that I have taken from my role models and pass along their message of hope and strength to you.”

Susan once again took on the challenge of a new direction and while not altering her dedication to her career as actress, model, public speaker and life coach, she began the gathering of her experiences into book form.

Look For The Hook ~ A guide to finding Happiness, Purpose and Fulfillment, One Baby Step at a Time
is the product of that effort.

In the opening words of Susan’s book signing/speaking engagements, “This first book’s goal is to bring hope, purpose and happiness to all who read it.”

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